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Vegan Leather

Posted by pmw on

Normally I don't comment on things that pertain to peoples beliefs, but recently a movement has popped up labeling leather items as "Vegan" or "not vegan" . Apparently some people believe that leather can be either vegetarian or not vegetarian and are even going so far as to demand that "vegan" leather be used in products. This is so rediculous it is almost beyond comprehension!  Leather is a by- product of the meat industry and is defined as being tanned i.e. preserved animal skins, so it is impossible for it to be vegetarian.

So, is there a vegetarian alternative to leather? I guess synthetic, i.e. plastic leather can be considered vegetarian. However since it is made from petroleum products and never degrades, it's hardly an ecological alternative to leather  which is a natural product and is biodegradable.